Gumballhead The Cat, a comic about a cat by small press veteran Rob Syers! It's great!

Wednesday Night Cartoonists meet-up in Hamtramck every Wednesday! Roaming location and sordid details on face book:

Here's the home page for Mudslinger, the card game I illustrated!

Buy all your comics at

Hamtramck has it's own Art Collective! HATCH

Matt Feazell's channel on YouTube

Bet you didn't know I had an online portfolio! or a web page of work samples!

Cynicalman's animated cartoon! YOUTUBE

Cynicalman Fan Club on Facebook

Cynicalman Facebook "Page"

Ellie On Planet X
Life On A Stick

Have a look at my Indiegogo Pitch for the Amazing Cynicalman Vol. 2 funding project!

Just like the old days... if you've got a web site, add a link to and I will add a link to your site!

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More great webcomics links at Neil Bryer's award-winning WOMBAT webcomic!

To find out more about how to make and distribute your own minicomics, visit John MacLeod's Small Press FAQ web site.

If you're looking for comics fans from the 70s... or you are one... INTERFAN is for you!

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