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150 pages
Collecting the first 2 1/2 years of the Cynicalman Weekly 1997-2002
Perfect bound - color cover - B&W insides
Cover price $9.95 - ISBN 0-9744767-0-6

Matt Feazell
PO Box 12038
Hamtramck MI 48212



The Amazing Cynicalman, America's Laid-Off Superhero, continues his fight for truth, justice and a second cup of coffee in a new 150-page collection of his weekly newspaper comic strips.

Cynicalman is written and drawn by Matt Feazell, a freelance graphic artist living in Hamtramck, Michigan and a regular contributor to Disney Adventures Magazine. His comic strip ran in a short list of Michigan newspapers including Orbit Magazine and the Detroit Metro Times from 1997 to 2002.

Feazell started drawing stick-figure superhero comics in junior high school back in his home town in Iowa. “Everybody starts out drawing stick figures,” said Feazell. “I just stuck with it longer than most.”

Cynicalman started out starring in photocopied, 8-page minicomics. He first appeared as a Life In Hell-style newspaper comic strip in Orbit Magazine when Feazell worked there as Advertising Art Director. It was picked up by Metro Times when Orbit folded and branched out to other Michigan weeklies from there.

The Amazing Cynicalman paperback is Feazell's third book and the first one he has self-published. His first two books, Cynicalman, The Paperback (1987, ThunderBaas Press) and ERT! (1995, Caliber Books) collected Cynicalman's minicomic appearances.

The new book collects the entire run of the Cynicalman weekly. It has a color cover with black and white interior pages, the cover price is $9.95 and the ISBN number is 0-9744767-0-6. The book is available at Feazell's web site (, and at Green Brain Comics in Dearborn, Michigan.

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